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Bush 43 Era musings:

Getting to Victory in World War IV


I am continually disappointed by the fragmented and incoherent public discourse about the war in which we find ourselves. All sorts of false choices and dilemmas are offered and no one is daily explaining the president's National Security Strategy in the near and long term. I see two opportunities, inside that framework, for early victories that, like Midway, will set the conditions for long-term victory.

1. Iraq is the keystone to islamofascism. While a secular state, it appears that there is a mutual non-aggression and limited mutual-aid pact between terrorist organizations and Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Occupying Iraq puts us right in the middle, where we can cut off terrorist money, training, and logistics support. Turn on the oil and you have a prosperous middle-class state spring up in the middle of the Middle East. Iran follows with a second revolution. The Syrians find themselves isolated and are choked out of using terrorists to menace Lebanon and Israel. The House of Saud, threatened by drowning in the renovated Iraqi oil industry, is forced to roll up its world-wide Wahabist network of terrorist and Jew-hatred indoctrination and action cells. Egypt no longer rates U.S. military aid, and is embarrassed by the sudden lack of Jew-hating propaganda from its fellow Arab neighbors. The Palestinians, without sponsors, must give up their genocidal dream.

2. North Korea can be solved without violence. Diplomatic, and economic tools could quickly end the regime if we provide enough military protection to stop successful military threats. The Chinese have a problem: North Koreans fleeing over the border in search of food have increased lawlessness with a Chinese operated black market in people-smuggling. The central government has always had problems with control of the hinterlands. The South Koreans have a problem: how to arrange and afford resettlement of their fellow Koreans. The Japanese are very concerned about the way the neighborhood is going. The U.S. has a problem: how to stop this rogue regime from exporting deadly weapons and threatening us with nuclear war if we do not pay protection money?

The solution is painfully simple. Create a system for official movement of all refugees through China to South Korea. The U.S. pays China $500 per head to receive, lodge, and transport refugees from the border to a port. The U.S. pays South Korea $500 to settle each refugee. The Japanese help with movement and settlement costs. If 10 MILLION North Korean refugees crossed the border, Kim Jong-Il's regime would implode without an American death and at only $10 billion cost, a cost we would make back by removing the 30 thousand plus garrison force from the penensula. Put all available Patriot and Aegis systems into the theater and massively reinforce the chemical defense units to minimize North Korea's ability to threaten it's neighbors as it bleeds out from population loss.

The Koreans would redirect their military to fortifying the Chinese border, and would grow their economy as all the repressed, starving people of North Korea scrambled to become part of the modern world.

The Chinese would realize an immediate cash profit and a long-term secure border.

The Japanese could stop worrying about nuclear blackmail and gain a larger democratic capitalist neighbor.

Lott of Dissembling

17 December 2002

There is much dissembling around the Lott fiasco. Allow me to clear matters up a bit.

First, Senator Thurmond only ran for president on a white supremacist platform after the Democratic candidate rejected accommodation with the white supremacist wing of the DEMOCRATIC party. Period. The Democratic candidate was the guy who dropped the atom bomb on Japan, who was turning out not to be anyone's fool, and who was deeply offended by non-serving white supremacists attacking his fellow WWI veterans who happened to be black. NOTE: Thurmond was NOT running in the Republican party because the Republicans were also against the Southern wing of the DEMOCRATIC party.

Second, southern Democrats fractured after the 1960s between the Democrats (Sen. Byrd who left the KKK, Sen.Gore, Sr., and Sen. Fulbright, Bill Clinton's mentor) and Republicans like Senators Thurmond and Helms. The socialist-Democrat lie is that Republicans were the source and haven of racists, by way of Nixon's Southern Strategy. The half-truth here is that "law and order" in the South does include the meaning of blacks being kept "in their place." Always has been cover for white supremacy. BUT the rest of the truth is that as WHITE SUPREMACISTS were losing influence in the party of Stephen Douglas and Nathan Bedford Forrest, SECULAR SUPREMACISTS were gaining influence in the same party.

As Republicans and some Democrats passed racial equality legislation, Democrat activists in the judicial system and other unelected bodies (education, NGOs) were assaulting Christianity in an aggressively expanding "public" sphere. This assault continues today and is a significant reason Southerners came to and stayed in the Republican party. It is a source of blue collar working families repeatedly choosing Republicans over the materialist promises of worker and welfare benefits by Democrats.

In short, it is the South and the Republican party and Thurmond that represent positive change, REAL TOLERANCE, and an impulse to liberty. It is the Northeast and Left Coast and the national Democrat party and ClintonGoreFeinsteinSchumer . . . who represent negative change and REAL INTOLERANCE and an impulse to tyranny.

This last paragraph, if uttered by the Senate Moronic Leader at Sen. Thurmond's fete instead of the mindless babble that may end his unremarkable leadership, would have added positive direction and fire to the Republican victory. The utterly defensive response by all Republicans dishonors their party and contributes to the socialist-Democrat distortion of history.


Who's Profiling Who?

28 October 2002

The rest of y'all may be readjusting to Standard Time, getting up in the morning after "Fall(ing) Back," but we're living on Tucson Time and would like to welcome the Mountain states back.

A few thoughts on local politics, national politics, and what is being passed off as the war on terror in Russia.

First, a local story that went national. A 40 year-old man shot two nursing professors, an unidentified victim, and himself in the Nursing College area at the University of Arizona. Robert Flores had a Spanish surname but WAS NOT ethnically labelled by the ABC propaganda reader. What WAS relevant to ABC was the shooter's alleged Gulf War veteran status.

This blatant anti-military bias builds on the same libel espoused across the media in the recent serial killer case, where everyone walked around John Allen Muhammad's relatively recent conversion and possible involvement with radical Islamists while throwing his military service in Rumsfeld's face. "Aren't you concerned about his training?" The medi(a)(o)cra(c)(t)y that filters data for us does this filtering through a screen developed by tenured 60's radicals in opposition to just that military force that frustrates their annointed social vision.

More on this matter: I watched a depressing news conference last night by the local police officials. The Tucson chief of police made much of the GUNS and little of the MAN. Specifically, he painstakingly read and spelled the makes and kinds of the five pistols. He was obviously unfamiliar with this tool of his department and of the criminal opponents his department must combat daily.

Beyond a lack of familiarity with firearms, the several chiefs collectively believed a self-serving scenario, that the killer intended a bloodbath and was foiled by quick police response. Their story was internally inconsistent, as they explained the man killed the professors, then told students to leave the room before killing himself. Whatever twisted thoughts drove his packing list for the day, they obviously did not include mass murder. He chose to die with the objects of his hate, professors, not his fellow students.

A further note for the gun-ignorant. The killer could have done the exact same damage exactly as easily with two 1870s era revolvers. The fantasy of changing the world by controlling/banning technology is foolish and wastes energy. Nor would a half-trained individual carrying a concealed weapon necessarily have improved this terrible event. Two or more armed members might well have stopped him cold, but most folks don't want to carry and the school has a silly leftist policy, declaring the campus "gun free." Except for the campus police, of course.

Local Politics - AZ Style

Friday last Hugh Hewitt broadcast live from Phoenix. He interviewed Rep. J.D. Hayworth, Matt Salmon (gubernatorial candidate) and Andrew Thomas (Attorney General candidate). Hugh is broadcast locally on the station I talk on. Matt Salmon acknowledged his weak area is Tucson -- a Democrat stronghold (university town). Vote. Take a friend with you. Take your neighbor with you. Encourage your coworkers. Show off your "I Voted" sticker early in the day and pester politely. Both major parties know there is much at state, so you should act that way too.

Sunday, President Bush came to Phoenix to support Salmon, flying out this morning. On Hallowe'en, I kid you not, Bill Clinton comes to Tucson to get out the vote. If his party wins in this state, we will be in for years of the same incremental-lefty tricks that have caused people to flee California. Napolitano is wisely trying to run out the clock, avoiding substantive debate to protect her lead.

Look over that very long sample ballot. That's right, Arizonans have always had a Progressive form of government, with extensive direct input. There are even a number of special districts that overlap local jurisdictions and state legislative districts. The Central Arizona Project is probably the most important such district. Yet voters have no idea who is running and what difference they might make. KVOI interviews a candidate for CAP today. Find out what a commissioner does, why it matters to you, and what the future of CAP and water politics/policy looks like in the Desert Southwest.

National Politics

Go to PowerLine to get the latest local read on the Minnesota race, where Coleman must now shift from Wellstone to the man who was second in command of the most disastrous administration since WWII. You like Iranian sponsored terrorism? Big fan of the Imams? But you feel so good about yourself that we stopped supporting a "right wing" monarch. Great, then you'll be cheering for Mondale and maybe joining the bus rides to stuff the ballot box with Election Day registration and voting.

I'm not alone in noticing that the talking heads didn't miss a beat after their complete flop in the case of the black, Muslim, non-local sniper with his 17 year old companion in the BLUE SEDAN (white panel truck?).

Russia and Terror

The Russian thugs/police killed over 100 hostages with a gas they refuse to identify. Shades of Kent State and Waco? This sort of heavy-handed action is par for the course in a nation where the security apparatus exists to protect itself and the government FROM the people, not the people from real criminals.

Chechnya has been the victim of repeated Russian state-sponsored terror since the Czars, with the Czar/Stalin/Putin attacking this independent-minded region, then labeling the understandable reaction "terrorism," then going in with artillery and butchering/starving/forcibly relocating the population. A long ugly history that naturally breeds extremists on both sides. I only hope that Bush will hold the line and not turn a blind eye to evil in the name of a greater good.

Russia is still holding out on supporting us on Iraq, hoping to protect investments in Iraq and to get a free hand in the "near abroad." Same with the Chinese.

25 Sep 02

"Shocked, shocked I tell you!"

Our national legislators and TV newsreaders thrilled today in the theater of men behind curtains speaking the obvious and the previously published as if it was new. This display is evidence of gross cynacism or extreme ADD and long term memory failure in government and media.

The plain truth is that the news of CIA tracking terrorists before they entered the U.S. and then failing to pass this information to the FBI was reported in national news magazines many months ago. The surprised outrage of Congress is therefore a fraud, as are the breathless reports by newsreaders (clearly not reporters or journalists).


September 13, 2002

"A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep. . ."

The President gave a very strong message to the UN, offering it a chance to save itself from irrelevance. He is clearly setting the tempo now for military action against Iraq. The Pentagon memorial service was deeply moving and unapologetically Christian -- no bowing to the idols of political correctness and secular supremacy. The foreign policy and military team looks rock-solid.

On the home front, things are not going nearly as well. The fault lies in the president's inattention to and acceptance of sub-standard, even destructive, performance by Secretary Mineta and Attorney General Ashcroft.

I am not alone in this assessment, at least regarding Mineta. Peggie Noonan is the latest to eloquently call for this fool or tool's removal. I've been saying the same about Mineta since 9/12 or whenever he first opened his mouth after 11 Sep 01. A little while later, I began saying the same about Ashcroft, who is a moral man but talks and acts like a mere shill for the senior career bureaucrats he should have fired *en mass* by way of example. Mr. Rumsfeld is a man of clear vision, strong leadership, and so clear speech. Messrs. Ashcroft and Mineta possess none of these virtues.

At what point do we stop our unconditional loyalty and defense of the president and expose him to the shock therapy he has repeatedly shown he needs just to stay focused? (Early primaries and Florida.) Perhaps if most conservative commentators took away any support and if the handful of conservative reporters started full attack mode on every news conference and interview, the general media tone and polling results would get so painful that Bush would finally be driven to act as he should have about 10 months ago.

I want the man to succeed. I believe he must. I am ever more frustrated by the lack of a Reagan (clear in his own head, in his actions, and in his speech) when we most need one.

Citizens and Subjects

4 September 02. President Bush, after the attacks of September 11, called on Americans to dedicate a significant portion of their lives to serving others. He has renewed that call with his weekly radio address, announcing a September of Service. But something has been missing all along, something that is far more important to our identity as Americans -- VOTING!

Historically, Republicans do better with LOWER turnout. More people register Democrat but Democrats do not go to the polls as often as Republicans. Beating the drum for increased participation is seen by the experts as really helping Democrats.

I was in California on business this past week. I listened to a thirty-ish woman, a military veteran, complain as she served me and an associate beer. She was having problems with the Veteran's Administration. She was having problems locating records shuffled between her last duty station and the records repository in St. Louis. She had no idea who her REPRESENTATIVE was. She did not know how to contact him or her. She was a SUBJECT, being acted upon by "them," not a CITIZEN, expecting REPRESENTATION to result in consistant and convenient processes by the civil SERVANTS she helps employ.

She was African-American, or black (I didn't ask how she chose to self-identify). She was younger. She is assumed by the experts to be a natural Democrat. Yet, George W. Bush was recruited as a new kind of Republican, who would break the grip of Democrats on racial and ethnic minorities.

At the dawn of the 20th Century, we had poorly constructed local policies that required constant constituent service by political machines. At the dawn of the 21st Century we had poorly constructed national policies that continue to require constituent service by members of Congress and the Executive branch. Increasing the number of voters would expand the number of people members of Congress would really have to serve -- perhaps driving the current system to the breaking point and compelling simpler, clearer, better constructed policy.

While the president has yet to beat the drum for increased voting, the Secretary of the Navy has posted a message to the Navy and Marine Corps drawing the link between defending the nation and voting.

Thinking about Crime and Justice

25 August 02: Watched a press briefing by Dr. Steven Hatfill on CSPAN. Looks more and more like this is the new Richard Jewell. Completely thuggish, bad-cop behavior by FBI agents who are making the case against themselves for stronger oversight and stricter control of those who are supposed to UPHOLD the Constitution not UPEND the Constitution.

Mr. Ashcroft was repeatedly cited, in a drumbeat to get the press to start questioning the supposedly devout Christian who spews bureaucratese and seems perfectly happy to do to others as others did to him, likely violating his oath of office, his professional code of ethics, and the law of God (ninth Commandment) he so publicly professes.

Another bad manager the first MBA President continues to fail to manage or lead.

Between corporate crime, the latest media-created sex crime "wave," and discussions of expanded national police and prosecution powers, I cast back to Brown's interpretation of true justice.

A sketch of true justice

The current criminal system is a relic of our pre-democratic era. There has been a gross mis-allocation of enforcement and judicial resources as a product of trivial threats. With real threats now firmly in view, we need to refocus our efforts at every level of government. We begin to see such a shift in the people, not the politicians, choosing to de-escalate the drug war while standing by tough punishment for violent crime and demanding the right to effective self-defense. We also see beginning moves to acknowledge that victims and not a nebulous state, are the rightful recipients of justice.

Property crime. Current law treats crimes against property as if they were crimes against the state. That is, the punishment is not directed at making the victim financially whole. Rather, the victim pays for years for the questionable privilege of maintaining the thief in a cage with three hots and a cot. Clever jailers score public acclaim by symbolic toughness, making inmates work on chain-gangs, serving baloney sandwiches, and imposing creative dress-codes (retro-stripes and pink undies).

Our Founders were trapped by the long experience of states treating people as subjects rather than citizens. Theft was an affront to the state's ability to protect and so a challenge to legitimacy. While they had read of a different vision for a society free of kings, they had no experience of a state which compels repayment, so punishing crime by rubbing the criminal's nose in lawful labor until every cent is repaid.

Imagine thieves electronically tagged and forced to do gainful work for as long as it takes to repay their victims plus administrative costs. In this world, punishment, rehabilitation and restitution unite in justice.

Drug consumption. Not driven by true scripture, rather layered on like alcohol prohibition and dress codes, this class of crimes has factually spawned a long crime wave and now funds terrorism. Before prohibition, those who consumed narcotics, hallucinogens and stimulants were no different than drunks. Both drunks and druggies created social costs. We acknowledged that the costs of alcohol prohibition were higher, with worse effects, than only controlling production and consumption behavior. We failed to acknowledge the obvious truth that the same holds for other substances.

The right approach to all mind-altering substances is to make people strictly accountable for themselves. Miss work? You are fired. Show up impaired, you are at the mercy of your employer. Drive impaired, lose your vehicle. Drink or snort the pay needed for your family's food and bills, have your wages garnished and your family/ creditors get the money as direct deposits or credits to dedicated funds (food, rent . . .). In short, what is left after you meet ALL your obligations is yours to spend as you choose.

Violent Crime. Like property crime, put repayment first. In the case of premeditated murder, toss the grotesque medicalized execution. The Russians are right. A bullet in the back of the head in a basement room. No morally twisted sympathizers or media. And yes, we need to do the same for rape with DNA evidence.

15 August 2002

So now the trial lawyers say they want to get in on the war on terror. I applaud their targets, but despise their true ends. Ask yourself how much is 33 percent, or even 25 percent, which only lawyers could call restrained, of $1,000,000,000,000.

If these parasites cared one iota for justice or widows and orphans, they would already have committed up front to a flat fee in the millions, not the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars this handful of vultures now eye. Every billion they get is a billion taken from widows, elders, and orphans. Every billion the vultures get is a billion directly aimed at buying judgeships and congressional seats and so suborning our republic to the ends of these kleptocrats.

Just how many tens of millions have lawyers already snatched from the purses of hospitals and families caring for sick smokers? How many of their private jets and yachts are our elderly, poor, and working folk financing with increased medical and drug bills?


14 Aug 2002

Remember the politicians, news personalities, and various self-annointed military experts babbling about the mighty Iraqi army before our first Gulf War? Remember the massive build-up, show of force, and leaks about military planners worrying about fire trenches, artillery, and 10,000 body bags?

And what actually happened under the noses of the ignorant experts, before the blind eyes of the all-seeing media?

So now we have a new Babel of mutually contradictory leaks, allegedly from the Pentagon. We are facinated and distracted by the tried and true story of bureaucratic intrigue and strife, just the sort of tale to make the media feel like insiders and sages. A great excuse to go to the latest hot insiders' bar for drinks and background dirt.

And the truth and secrets are well guarded by the forest of speculation and leaks. Information buried in data. Our system fails well rather than badly; let the truth out and no-one will know it apart from the nonsense.

Just after the surprise attack on our new day of infamy:

What If . . . ?

What if the terrorist masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks knew our political system as well as our engineering?

What if the same minds that analysed the stored energy of the twin towers and the fuel loads of different aircraft on different routes also understood the weaknesses inherent to our political system?

We certainly filled our media and presses with boasting about economic efficiencies achieved through our transportation system. Transportation is critical to reducing inventory overhead and rapidly responding to changing supply and demand. Yet, we did not think as seriously about Secretaries of Transportation as we did about the Secretary of Defense or State.

Clinton Era musings,

undated but the topics indicate the rough dates, more recent above older. Of continued current interest is what I call secular supremacy. Also, the string of comments on Clinton's treatment of terrorism is yet more documentation of our sleepwalking through history.

On VP Gore's response to questions about Anita Broderick and President Clinton: The left-statist elite is not setting a new standard with the public/ private morality split. Look back to two groups: European aristocracy of the 19th century and prior, and American Southern slaveholders. Both groups permitted/ ignored their men's predatory sexual behavior towards "inferior" class women. Both were only upset by the social inconvenience caused by indiscretion.

Humanitarian Calculus?: This administration continues to bomb Iraq and embargoes aid to both Indonesia and Serbia due to their mistreatment of civilians of particular ethnicities. Yet President Clinton has given the green light to his friends in Moscow to slaughter Chechans with his constant repetition of the Moscow lie that the Russian military is after "terrorists." Rather than standing up for truth and democratization, the Strobe Talbot school of Russia appeasement prevails, blaming (religious?) separatists for Moscow bombings which obviously do not benefit the separatist cause and obviously do benefit the Yeltsen / nationalist / antidemocratic faction in Russia. Since the Russian oligarchy has already assassinated reformers in the street, and silenced critical media, why would we look elsewhere for the men behind the apartment bombings?

Hitler and Buchanan: So Mr. Buchanan wishes we had not gone to war with Hitler. But, as he knows, we didn't go to war with Hitler, he declared war on us four days after Pearl Harbor and followed up with submarine attacks on our ships within sight of our shore. Moreover, by claiming that the Russians were able to defeat Hitler without our troops landing, Pat is really saying that he would have been willing to give all of Europe to Stalin. But Mr. Buchanan is a lifetime anti-Communist! He supported our actions everywhere against communists, so why would he have given Stalin all the resources of Europe and all the brilliant German scientists we used in the race for ICBMs?

Without our intervention, the Soviets would have taken longer to defeat the Germans. Unfortunately, given Mr. Buchanan's resistance to communist expansion everywhere else, and given the truth that Hitler declared and prosecuted war against us at our shoreline, the only remaining explanation is that Pat wanted Hitler to have more time. Time to do what? To more completely solve the problem Pat sees with our foreign policy -- too much Jewish influence.

Effective Peacekeepers: The Chinese government has offered to help in peacekeeping in East Timor. I think this is a great idea; the Chinese military has shown such effectiveness in such missions. Kofi Annan should specifically request the tank units used in Tianamen Square and infantry from the ongoing Tibet pacification mission.

Dealing with Alleged Terrorists: So Puerto Rican terrorists, who planned and assembled bombs, are released against the advice of law enforcement experts while unknown numbers of Sudanese children and old people die from a lack of medicine after we blew up their pharmaceutical factory on the false pretext of chemical warfare threats. This without consultation of the top military experts. Clinton needed a distraction to cover his Democrat supporters in the impeachment proceedings, so Sudanese had to die. Clinton needed a gesture to keep establishment minority "leaders" on side for his wife's struggling candidacy, so real terrorist leaders had to go free.

Major party flaks claim that Governor Jessie Ventura is improperly profiting with a WWF contract, cashing in on his status as governor. So how is this different from the flood of third rate books written by public officials? I suspect the viewers of the WWF event will get much better value for money than the readers (?) of then-Senator Al Gore's enviro-tract Earth in the Balance.

Back in 1992, MY prescription for Milosevic was a couple of cruise missiles without warheads parked in his headquarters in the middle of the night. We were clearly capable of massive destruction after the Gulf War. That would have been a REAL signal, an REAL message. With that background, my response to Kosovo, which only happened because the Clinton administration made Milosevic part of the Dayton "peace" deal, was the following.

Various Exits:   We hear from important people (far too important to have wasted time in uniform) that the risks in Kosovo are acceptable, while other anointed wise ones prattle about exit strategies or the lack thereof. Leaving aside the fact that enforcing uneven and unstable peace settlements is the true historical mission of the U.S. military -- I wonder if "exit strategies" will survive the first exit wounds and whose vital interests will survive the first loss of vital signs.

On the occasion of the bombing of an aspirin factory in the Sudan. The Clinton administration blocked efforts to have neutral experts test the area to prove Sudanese claims that there were no chemical or biological weapons being produced. The established press in the US has acted as lapdog rather than watchdog. Busy defending the Clintons against impeachment threats, the Democrats were silent.

New Democratic Calculus?:   How many dark-skinned foreigners and military types are worth killing to save Democrats from the same humiliation the Republicans faced in 1974? Just wondering and still counting . . .

On the 1998 elections.
Winners and Losers:   The two major parties and pundits are squabbling over who really won the midterm election. But, between the initiatives passed in many states and the election of Jessie Ventura doesn't the country look a lot more libertarian, if not Libertarian? Hmmm . . .

Spanish Omelets:   So a Spanish judge issues an extradition request against Pinochet for crimes committed against Spaniards in Chile, but does not issue an arrest warrant against Castro, who was visiting Spain at the same time.

Now, there is no diplomatic immunity from crimes against humanity, and both harmed people with Spanish citizenship. So, is the difference that Pinochet killed and tortured martyrs of the suppressed socialist movement while Castro broke a few counterrevolutionary eggs to make a good Peoples' omelet? Hmmm . . . 

Secular Supremacy

Prompted by an call to a local Tucson talk show (claiming the second half of the first comparison without any challenge by the hosts):

White supremacists say that dark-skinned people have too many children and are swamping the country, trying to take over.

Secular supremacists say that Catholics and Mormons have too many children and are swamping the country, trying to take over.

White supremacists say that Jews either illegitimately control the government and media or are conspiring to do so.

Secular supremacists say that religious groups either illegitimately control the government and media or are conspiring to do so.

White supremacists occasionally cite approvingly the stands of black separatists who also want separation of the races, as if to say that both are being reasonable and it is just blacks who demand integration and equal treatment in society and politics that are extreme.

Secular supremacists occasionally cite approvingly the stands of religious groups who support a "wall of separation," as if to say that both are being reasonable and it is just religionists who demand integration and equal treatment in society and politics that are extreme.

White supremacists get along with people of other races who do not threaten or challenge the supremacists' view of correct relations and social order, who "know their place."

Secular supremacists get along with people of other religious beliefs who do not threaten or challenge the supremacists' view of correct relations and social order, who "know their place."

White supremacists say that Jews hold real power, so they cannot be victims of discrimination and do not need protection.

Secular supremacists say that the Religious Right holds real power, so they cannot be victims of discrimination and do not need protection.

Both sets of supremacists claim the Constitution is on their side, selectively citing authorities that support their view. Both sets of supremacists have real cases, horror stories, to justify their position. Sophisticated supremacists even claim that they are just worried about preventing repetition of these incidents. But the end game in both cases is the same: at least political and social subjugation of the offending groups. At most effacing the offenders from the supremacists' sight.

Real diversity includes EVERYONE and anything else is a smokescreen for domination from a feigned position of concern for justice, however earnest and sophisticated the expression of concern. 

On the Use of Files:   Let me get this straight. The Clinton administration is under investigation, suspected of taking hundreds of raw FBI files for use against political opponents. Raw FBI files can contain lots of unpleasant allegations as well as confirmed facts. The FBI checks them out and presents summary files which contain only information which is both confirmed and relevant to political employers. Raw files are useful for doing political damage. So now the (Republican) leadership in Congress says that it is a legitimate part of the political process to release raw files about their political opponents (the Clinton administration) to the public. So we are getting raw files from an investigation about the misuse of raw files. If one is wrong, then why aren't both? If the public really demands full disclosure, does that mean we do not trust the people we elected to represent us?   Hmmm. . . 

On Black Helicopters: Grant for the moment that there is a global conspiracy. Grant for the moment that there are black helicopters flying around the US Why on earth would a global conspiracy pick black? Wouldn't it be much more sensible to use standard military color schemes and markings? After all, the conspirators must have the ability to manipulate registration files to cover their tracks. Indeed, wouldn't it make even more sense to blend in with all the traffic, police, and commercial helicopters, using civilian paint schemes and markings. (Remember Air America?) SO. . . is the talk of black helicopters actually a deception, a ruse to distract, discredit, and dissipate the efforts of those who call themselves patriots? Are the authors and talk show hosts not scam artists, as the establishment media would have it, but rather the real tools of the New World Order? Or is this brief musing a further effort by sinister forces to cover their tracks? Hmmm. . .

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