An Email to Sean Hannity

I got another fund-raising letter from another arm of the NRSC. This one comes right out of C.S. Lewis and reflects a level of cluelessness that would be hilarious if not so pathetic. A bunch of legislators who had their heads handed them by the American electorate last November, who were firmly placed in the minority for being out of touch with the people, have a fund-raising gimmick, a club they continue to call “Republican Senatorial Inner Circle.” And they claim Sean Hannity will be their big speaker this Spring. Nice. The following is what I sent to Mr. Hannity today. I’m hoping it was an old agreement, pre-Warner Retreatican resolution. I’ll post any response I get, hopefully good news.

Sean, I was very happy to hear you vowing to call out any Senator or Congressman who votes against the troops and victory. Great to hear you advocate primary challengers to RINOs.
But then I got home and saw you listed as the single big-name headliner on a high-dollar fund-raiser for the NSRC. You know that Senator Ensign has been asked and refused point-blank to cut off funding of any Senator who votes against victory. So did this go out without your approval or are you playing a two faced game of posturing for the people while ingratiating yourself to the powerful? You need to immediately get on air and on your website to correct this scandalous situation. The fund-raiser is the “Republican Senatorial Inner Circle Spring National Meeting.” I sincerely hope this has been an oversight, an old arraignment you did not manage to get corrected in time. I trust you will also be publicizing after renouncing the NRSC appeals in your name.

Best Regards,

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