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NRSC Front Group

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

The NRSC has sent out a mailer posing as the “Republican Presidential Task Force.” Read the fine print. It is a front for the NRSC and the money is only going to their coffers for reelection of Senators. I clipped off my name and “membership number” from the bogus membership card and fundraising form, printed out a copy of the NRSC Pledge, and stuffed them all back in the Postage Paid envelope. This will cost the NRSC the postage plus the staff time to process. And I’ll repeat this everytime they send another mailing until they grow a spine and support VICTORY and nothing less.

Spinal Transplants

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

I signed the NRSC pledge and I emailed Senators Smith, Snowe, Warner, and Ensign. I’m not buying Senator Warner’s bluster about patriotism and exercising responsibility. His responsibility, with the majority he helped lose, was to hold focused hearings to educate the public and the bureaucracies on the true nature and scope of the islamofascist threat. Didn’t happen. You go to war with the Commander in Chief you have (to paraphase the old SecDef). President Bush has never managed sustained duty at his post as Communicator in Chief in a war where information/propaganda is universally acknowledged as the central offensive weapon — setting conditions for victory and defeat. He has articulated the right goals and rationales, but not led a sustained communication campaign. After a year or two of observing this weakness, the legislative branch, with the power and duty of oversight and resourcing, had the duty to take up the slack. They didn’t, and the Republican senators and representatives earned the drubbing they took on 11/7. The neo-appeasers are ducking and running to avoid the consequences of their own nonfeasance.