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UN-holy Alliance

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

I understand the social democrats taking every occasion to damage political rivals and bases of power while treating victims of their own movement’s institutions as nonpersons or the eggs whose breaking is only significant in the resulting political-economic omelette. So “pedophile priest” is a useful tool to weaken a rival institution that demonstated its menace in defeating the Soviet Empire. Never mind the actual people involved were men whose desire was for boys. In fact it was essential that the physical fact of victim and violator be obscured. And so it is essential to “disappear” the children raped by UN troops from social democrat media organs. Likewise the distinction between American business financial scandals that killed no one and the UN oil for political favors, French and Russian enrichment, and sustainment of a national Socialist regime that resulted in mass murder and the REAL torture in Abu Gharaib.

But the silence and disloyalty to all of us who gave so much time and treasure to another Bush and another crop of lords senators. Disgraceful. Disloyal (loyalty up expected, loyalty down when it really costs please. “I’ve earned political capital and I’m going to spend it — read my lips. Hugh Hewitt and Gerry Doyle are converging in their rhetoric and advice to millions of listeners. It is that bad. Deregister from the two major parties. Defund and defeat the disloyal RINOs.


Thursday, April 14th, 2005

A month without posting. All my energies on work and little time for news and commentary.

Glorious weather but I’m just getting the morning sun in the windshield before disappearing into my office cave. Whaaa! Working hard beats hardly working.

A Letter to Senator McCain

Thursday, April 14th, 2005

I posted the following to Sen. McCain’s web form today.

I urge your support of Senate accountability by eliminating the dishonorable evasion of tough votes on the direction of our law through judicial nominees. The current sceme provides deceptive cover for Senators who approve of the political outcomes from court decisions but do not want to have the vote record to prove it. Laws are passed with the full knowledge that courts will change or nullify them. Compelling senators to vote up or down on every judicial nominee that passes committee review is real reform producing more straight talk on important policy. If President Hillary Clinton’s nominees have 51 votes five years from now, they should be confirmed and she and the senators should be accountable for the political outcomes of court decisions.