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Blogs versus MSM: Mapping Viewpoints

Tuesday, February 8th, 2005

An idea. Jump ball.

Imagine a web site comprised of region/country maps, rendered as image maps, with place names in a database associated with the appropriate image map coordinates. Then associate blogs with the place name from which they are writen. Then associate MSM news reports with place names. Have the page rendering code call on the database for each place name and print the number of blogs, colon, the number of MSM reports for a given time and place. [The web tool on my Treo does not play nicely with my web server — keeps truncating. So here is the rest of the posting.] Make the numbers a clickable link to a two column page summarizing blogs on one side and MSM headlines on the other.

Now we would have a quantified, or at least rigorously qualified metric, easily understood by all, of the geographic and organizational bias / viewpoint affecting our perception.

Material at hand:
Images of Iraq are available/ can be made into image maps.
Lists of blogs are available, but not clearly tied to location yet.
News reports are already clipped on multiple web sites/blogs. The key would be to capture them by location — a town/province name called in a date line or in the text.