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Kerry Kamp Tag Teamed

Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Just when the Kerry team thought their media allies were getting control of the military service debate, hammering President Bush with a one-sided call for unconditional denounciation of just the 527 group that attacks Senator Kerry’s military record . . . Just when the President was offering weak denounciations of all 527s, muddling the sharp point of the gross mismatch between the millions funneled through Democrat 527s by a Democrat billionaire and the piddling thousands put up by a Republican millionaire for the Swifties’ 527 . . . Senator Kerry threw out the challenge “Bring it on!”

Cue the dramatic music, fireworks, smoke machines as two figures storm into the ring!
Kerry’s attack team gets clotheslined by Congressman Jim “Krusher” Kolbe, a Vietnam Navy veteran, a moderate from a battleground state (Arizona), who happens to be gay (outed in 1996 because he angered gay activist journalists by representing his district’s beliefs rather than pushing a movement agenda). Congressman Kolbe denounced Kerry’s smear of all servicemen.

Kolbe was a communications officer responsible for briefing Swift boat commanders - including Kerry - before they went on their missions in Vietnam. While he witnessed none of the events that led to Kerry’s numerous military honors, Kolbe said he heard talk at the time that the events weren’t as reported.

But Kolbe said it is Kerry’s comments after returning from the war that he and other veterans find offensive.

“He blasted the conduct of the war, and in broad terms painted all of us as war criminals,” Kolbe said. “That was certainly not the case.”

Then retired Senator and visibly-seriously-wounded-no-question-about-that-purple-heart World War II (acclaimed Greatest Generation by the Main Stream Media) Bob “Bruzer” Dole body-slammed his former Senate collegue, Senator John “Bring It On” Kerry. Senator Dole was wounded by German machine-gun fire in Italy, with terrible, visible, permanent results.

Ex-Sen Dole: Kerry Should Apologize For Vietnam Testimony: DOW JONES NEWSWIRES (August 22, 2004 7:46 p.m.)
“One day he’s saying that we were shooting civilians, cutting off their ears, cutting off their heads, throwing away his medals or his ribbons,” Dole said. “The next day he’s standing there, `I want to be president because I’m a Vietnam veteran.’ Maybe he should apologize to all the other 2.5 million veterans who served. He wasn’t the only one in Vietnam,” said Dole, whose World War II wounds left him without the use of his right arm.

Dole added: “And here’s, you know, a good guy, a good friend. I respect his record. But three Purple Hearts and never bled that I know of. I mean, they’re all superficial wounds. Three Purple Hearts and you’re out.”

The Kerry campaign response was to call Senator Dole a liar.

Note that Congressman Kolbe is opposed in his primary by a movement conservative who has no chance winning the general election in the mixed liberal town and conservative country district. At the same time, Senator John McCain is running unopposed. Now, McCain and Kolbe are also good friends and McCain literally came to Kolbe’s side when Kolbe faced a conservative Christian challenge over serving Thanksgiving meals at a religious soup kitchen a couple years after he was outed. McCain joined Kolbe at the Salvation Army, serving meals side-by-side. So, how will McCain navigate between Kolbe, Dole, and Kerry?