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A day to celebrate

Friday, September 29th, 2006

National Coffee Day

Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea points out:

Isn’t it wonderful that National Coffee Day - one of them, at least - falls on Chocolate Friday? That means we can celebrate MOCHA!  Again.  Heheh.

I’m enjoying black coffee myself and have fallen into the habit of a double expresso late afternoons — a real Happy Hour at the little cafe in my lawschool. Rich crema and served in a china cup rather than paper.

The full weight of the law

Monday, August 7th, 2006

is 23.5 pounds. As measured by my first semester 1L texts purchased today at the university bookstore.

From credibility to credulity

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

A locally produced show, Voice to America, syndicated with international reach, has sadly moved from credible to credulous towards Islamists and critical towards defenders of freedom.

1/15/06 Show:

HOUR #1: BOTCHED BOMBING: A CIA bomb intented for al-Queda’s Ayman al Zawahiri kills 18 innocent Pakistanis. Bad intelligence or a missed target? How long will Pakistanis protest? What will Pak government do? What will al-Queda’s reaction be? Tony talks to Rashed Rachman in Pakistan.

Rather than correcting this false report with the truth, acknowledged by Pakistan, that the strike killed several senior al-Queda leaders, including the chief bombmaker and head of al-Queda’s WMD program, the host has shifted to “you can’t trust the U.S. government or Pakistan if they don’t produce bodies.” Meanwhile he reports Iranian assertions without challenge.

Saturday Serendipidy

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

Stopped by the Wild Flower Cafe for dinner. Happened on a copy of the Arizona Republic business section for Saturday and found something worthwhile, a piece from another small newspaper, not the major wires or OldYorkTimes, about IBM’s executives taking the risk of encouraging employees to blog to both internal and external audiences. The Journal News online version includes a good list of links, unlike the AZ rag.

IBM is approaching blogs from three directions:

• The company is hosting blogs on topics important to its business, such as video games and health care.

• IBM is encouraging employees to create blogs for internal consumption on the company intranet.

• Employees who do blog on the Internet have IBM’s blessing, providing they follow some practical guidelines.

The rules include identifying yourself as an IBMer if you talk business, not revealing company secrets and stating clearly that your opinions are your own.

Thematic approach

Creating a theme blog is smart because customers are more likely to enjoy reading about a topic important to them than an overt sales pitch, said marketing strategist Steve Rubel, a senior vice president at CooperKatz & Co. in New York and author of the Micro Persuasion blog.

“The secret to a good corporate blog is that it has to be high-interest, and if your subject matter isn’t, you have to figure out a way to connect with subjects that are,” he said.

Bicycle maker Cannondale has adopted an approach with blogs that talk about triathlons and finding the best mountain bike trails.

Check out the original article.


Sunday, January 15th, 2006

The opening graphs of an NYT book review:

“Memories of My Melancholy Whores” is ballyhooed by its publishers as the first work of fiction by Gabriel García Márquez in 10 years.

It turns out not to have been worth the wait.