An Email to Sean Hannity

February 12th, 2007

I got another fund-raising letter from another arm of the NRSC. This one comes right out of C.S. Lewis and reflects a level of cluelessness that would be hilarious if not so pathetic. A bunch of legislators who had their heads handed them by the American electorate last November, who were firmly placed in the minority for being out of touch with the people, have a fund-raising gimmick, a club they continue to call “Republican Senatorial Inner Circle.” And they claim Sean Hannity will be their big speaker this Spring. Nice. The following is what I sent to Mr. Hannity today. I’m hoping it was an old agreement, pre-Warner Retreatican resolution. I’ll post any response I get, hopefully good news.

Sean, I was very happy to hear you vowing to call out any Senator or Congressman who votes against the troops and victory. Great to hear you advocate primary challengers to RINOs.
But then I got home and saw you listed as the single big-name headliner on a high-dollar fund-raiser for the NSRC. You know that Senator Ensign has been asked and refused point-blank to cut off funding of any Senator who votes against victory. So did this go out without your approval or are you playing a two faced game of posturing for the people while ingratiating yourself to the powerful? You need to immediately get on air and on your website to correct this scandalous situation. The fund-raiser is the “Republican Senatorial Inner Circle Spring National Meeting.” I sincerely hope this has been an oversight, an old arraignment you did not manage to get corrected in time. I trust you will also be publicizing after renouncing the NRSC appeals in your name.

Best Regards,

NRSC Front Group

January 28th, 2007

The NRSC has sent out a mailer posing as the “Republican Presidential Task Force.” Read the fine print. It is a front for the NRSC and the money is only going to their coffers for reelection of Senators. I clipped off my name and “membership number” from the bogus membership card and fundraising form, printed out a copy of the NRSC Pledge, and stuffed them all back in the Postage Paid envelope. This will cost the NRSC the postage plus the staff time to process. And I’ll repeat this everytime they send another mailing until they grow a spine and support VICTORY and nothing less.

Spinal Transplants

January 24th, 2007

I signed the NRSC pledge and I emailed Senators Smith, Snowe, Warner, and Ensign. I’m not buying Senator Warner’s bluster about patriotism and exercising responsibility. His responsibility, with the majority he helped lose, was to hold focused hearings to educate the public and the bureaucracies on the true nature and scope of the islamofascist threat. Didn’t happen. You go to war with the Commander in Chief you have (to paraphase the old SecDef). President Bush has never managed sustained duty at his post as Communicator in Chief in a war where information/propaganda is universally acknowledged as the central offensive weapon — setting conditions for victory and defeat. He has articulated the right goals and rationales, but not led a sustained communication campaign. After a year or two of observing this weakness, the legislative branch, with the power and duty of oversight and resourcing, had the duty to take up the slack. They didn’t, and the Republican senators and representatives earned the drubbing they took on 11/7. The neo-appeasers are ducking and running to avoid the consequences of their own nonfeasance.

Magic Realism Visits the Middle East with Four Jills in a Jeep

November 27th, 2006

The Adventures of Chester’s Magical Realism Visits the Middle East
should be read along side Mark Steyn’s “Four Jills in a Jeep” for the diagnosis of the spell gripping the West.

Wretchard’s “To be scorned and shunned” then summarizes, with links, the effects of our elites’ (dis)enchantment.

While at Belmont Club, read these two pieces on the return of SMERSH and the dying of the light in Russia (Secretary Rice, Mr. Baker, how’s the engagement policy working out?).

Will the current President Bush be remembered as an Aragorn staying on offense against all odds or a Denethor trapped in the counsel of dispair and detente?

Google versus Ask: the pictures say it all

November 11th, 2006

Once again, Google USA shoves our military down the memory hole, while Ask honors our veterans and Google Canada celebrates Remembrance Day. With such gross ideological bias by the senior leadership of Google USA, how could you possibly trust the integrity of their search results?